Introducing – Lina Tullgren

Maine born songwriter Lina Tullgren, has announced her signing to Captured Tracks / Remote Control. To celebrate she has re-released her cassette Wishlist. The EP was recorded in October 2015 with childhood musical partner, Ty Ueda.

Two years after Lina wrote its opening track, a slow burner rock ballad, ‘Watchdog,’ the pair got together and recorded five tracks over the course of a few days on Ty’s Tascam 388 at his house in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

In the tight-knit seaside community of southern Maine and seacoast New Hampshire, Lina grew up surrounded by musicians, artists and actors. They all, in their way, encouraged her to develop a voice that was singular, while always educating her about Brian Eno and Nirvana or Maurice Ravel and Gustav Mahler. You learn to hold your own when all of your parents’ friends are all doing exactly what you want to do when you grow up. Why would you want to be an astronaut or a college professor or a doctor? It was within this erratic upbringing that she developed her obsessive ear for music, a sponge that hadn’t yet found her outlet for the songs she wanted to sing.

Wishlist is a succinct, enigmatic showcase of change and growth from a new voice. Lina is obsessively looking for that thing we learn is called “home:” growing up and staring inward at herself. She sees her mistakes, her flaws and obsessions, as opportunities for growth, for forgiveness. You can be heartbroken and still be okay.

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