Introducing – Baba Stiltz

Baba Stiltz is pleased to announce his Showtime EP, to be released Friday 8th June. Sharing from it ‘Maze’, the kind of summer floor-filler he is such a natural at crafting. Watch the clip below!

Swedish-born 24-year-old Baba Stiltz (real name) has been steadily releasing his idiosyncratic take on dance music to growing fanfare. His is a playful brand of electronic music that crosses boundaries and genres unlike many before.

“This EP is a collection of songs that were recorded during the past couple of years,” says Baba. “They all represent things I’ve been going through, just day to day stuff; travelling, djing, meeting people, being alone a lot, falling in love, parties, hang overs etc. ‘Showtime’ as a title just means it’s showtime. Before every gig, every day of travel. Always somewhere. Pressure, stress, excitement. Gig-economy self-loathing and megalomania.”

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden Baba Stiltz is also of Filipino and American descent and spent a brief stint in America as a child. Although he wrote his first song in kindergarten, Baba mainly spent his formative years at the Royal Swedish Ballet. It was his trainings there that led to his self-discipline in pursuing production + songwriting and his cross-pollination of experiences that have come to inform Baba’s singular vision for his music.

Baba Stiltz is known for his quirky brand of house and his music often pulls from and bleeds into other genres. In addition to his own works he’s been loosely affiliated with the Sad Boys crew and done remixes for the likes of Yaeji, Porches and others.

Stream / Download ‘Maze’:

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