Watch: Interpol – ‘The Rover’

Interpol have released the video for powerhouse new single ‘The Rover’, taken from their forthcoming Dave Fridmann-produced album, Marauder, out August 24th and available for pre-order here. Watch the video below!

Shot on-location in Mexico City in June, where Interpol announced their new album via a live streamed press conference – only to be unexpectedly interrupted halfway through by a mysterious figure played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, capturing the attention of fans and media alike.

The mystery has finally been revealed with the release of the video directed by Gerardo Naranjo, ‘The Rover’ himself, blurring the line between documentary and fever dream in a heady montage of psychedelic, hedonistic adventures with his young followers, ‘Los Locos’, in tow, as they ‘rove’ through the pulsing Distrito Federal.

Paul Banks says: “I like to describe the video for ‘The Rover’ as a prequel. It’s the origin story of the character described in the song, the birth of a cult leader. When we meet him he is partly unhinged. He’s a man on the verge, an artist subjected to great pressures, and beset with existential frustrations. A distracted hipster who enjoys psychedelics, let’s say.

The events that take place in Mexico City, be it a bump on the head, a visit to a shaman, or the influence of his rescuers (the street gang known as ‘Los Locos’) trigger the birth – the eruption – of this new figure, ‘The Rover.’ His rescuers become his first followers.

In the end of the video he exacts his ‘revenge’ on Interpol with a mischievous act of disruption during the press conference. He grabs me by the head – to save me? Forgive me? Or simply as a gesture of his new independence – the butterfly becoming.”

Stream / purchase ‘The Rover’:

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