Tobias Jesso Jr is a songwriter, piano player, and singer from Vancouver, Canada who has just signed to True Panther Sounds and will release his debut album in 2015.

His debut record will come out next year… but in the mean time he’s just shared a new track via La Blogothèque. Watch the beautiful session here:

Tobias Jesso Jr flexi 7″ singles series is available now via True Panther Sounds.

DELOREAN announce new album APAR

Delorean are excited to announce the forthcoming release of their new album Apar on September 6th via True Panther Sounds / Remote Control.

The Barcelona-based band is also making the lead track from Apar, ‘Spirit,’ available for streaming now. You can stream ‘Spirit’ below.

Apar is Delorean’s follow up to 2010’s Subiza which brought the band world-wide critical acclaim. The New York Times said, “Delorean traffics in airy atmospherics and enveloping rhythm: ideally, music for a dance floor in the hours preceding dawn” and Filter described the debut as “a compelling balance between Spanish discotheque, indie rock knowhow, and sparkling synth arrangements…eight tracks of blissful synth-pop about the emotional extremes of love.”

Delorean started the band as teenagers in the Basque Country town of Zarautz, informed by a love of hi-hat-frenzied dance music, then moved to Barcelona, where they fully embraced carefree Mediterranean club music on their celebrated 2010 LP, Subiza. After touring heavily in support of Subiza the band returned home and began work on Apar. Delorean strove to embrace a more sophisticated relationship to sound recording and songwriting in order to push the stories and dynamics of this album to a deeper more complex place. Leaving behind the ornate and layered production of Subiza, the chopped up female vocal samples have been replaced by actual singers and the bare minimum of instrumentation is all that remains to support them. Lead singer, lyricist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi calls Apar simply their “big production album.” But through his articulate lens, the record’s emotional undercurrent, and the band’s mastery of luxurious, coast-of-Spain beats, Apar is something altogether more illuminating.

The album’s poignant cover art unites the universal breakup story of Apar—the title, a Basque term referring to froth—and the album’s refined analog production. Inspired by graveyard crosses built by the Basque artist Jorge Oteiza, it depicts two wooden crosses, connected together as if grasping arms in an unconditional embrace, that have been thrown into the sea of Cap the Creus, a Northern Spanish region known for its hard wind and dangerous crags. Yet the crosses—though their very form symbolizes death—hold on to each other. “Death shall have no dominion,” as Lopetegi sings on ‘Dominion,’ quoting the poet Dylan Thomas. They’re afloat for now, connected now, real, ever on the move. Amid turbulence that is reflected in the band’s lyrics, ranging from heartbreak to Spain’s ongoing financial crisis, Delorean has bonded tight too, and with Apar the band has made the most powerful, dynamic, and moving album of its career.

Delorean is: Ekhi Lopetegi (lead vocals, bass), Guillermo Astrain (guitar), Unai Lazcano (keyboards) and Igor Escudeo (drums)

Apar track listing

1. Spirit
2. Destitute Time
3. Dominion
4. Unhold ft. Caroline Polachek
5. You Know It’s Right
6. Keep Up
7. Walk High
8. Your Face
9. Inspire
10. Still You

Delorean – Apar is available September 6th via True Panther Sounds / Remote Control.


San Francisco trio Lemonade’s new record Diver is out now through True Panther / Remote Control.

Diver documents Lemonade operating as a focused unit, one that’s more interested in speaking to your heart than blowing your mind. Traces of the group’s disparate musical interests still populate the album, but make no mistake; Diver is a bold and sensual electronic pop record.

The new album swims ecstatically in every thing from the melodies of early 90s R&B, UK 2-step Garage, Balearic house and NY freestyle to 80s pop-rock nostalgia, wispy new age, boy-band innocence, and synth-driven Euro-trance.



1. Infinite Style
2. Neptune
3. Ice Water
4. Eye Drops
5. Whitecaps
6. Vivid
7. Sinead
8. Sister
9. Big Changes
10. Softkiss