Teeth & Tongue hold Summer party at Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne, Friday 4th December

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.28.08 AMTeeth & Tongue is taking time out from working on a new record to play a special one-off club show at Hugs & Kisses on December 4th in Melbourne. This will be your last chance to see the band before mid 2016.

2015 has seen the band (and some-time solo project of Jess Cornelius) release a new single and video, tour the country with Courtney Barnett and team up with artist Keith Deverall for an incredible sold-out performance at Melbourne’s historic theatre Estonian House.

Synth pop genius/guitar hero Darren Sylvester is joining Teeth & Tongue for the evening (and bringing his outrageous band), and this being a summer party you can expect nothing but the hits. Weird pop, garage, synth-rock and something-wave, BYO dancing shoes and pointy elbows. DJ Serious Joe Kokomo on the decks.

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Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘Good Man’, the first track from their forthcoming album due for release in early 2014.

“I started humming the tune in my head while lurking around Northcote train station last year. At the time I was working on a solo show for the US, using only a drum machine and a synth, so I went home and tried to make it into a song that would stand alone without any other instruments”, says Jess Cornelius.

“I ended up sampling layers of my voice for the rhythmic part, and then triggering the vocals using a foot switch while playing it live. This set-up kind of became a prototype for a lot of the songs I have written recently.”

Watch the video for ‘Good Man’ below:

TEETH AND TONGUE – GOOD MAN from Lucky Dolphin on Vimeo.


Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne-based musician Jess Cornelius. In 2011 Teeth & Tongue released second album Tambourine though Dot Dash/Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “One of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

‘Good Man’ on iTunes


Returning from an eventful CMJ appearance and string of shows in NYC, Teeth & Tongue is back on home turf, playing shows in Melbourne and Sydney this week to celebrate the release of new single and video ‘The Party Is You’.

Together with band members Marc Regueiro-McKelvie and Damian Sullivan, Teeth & Tongue (AKA Jess Cornelius) will play a set of brand new, unreleased material full of oddball drum machine rhythms, guitars that sound like synths and synths that sound like guitars, all washed over with that distinctive voice.

On the making of the video for ‘The Party Is You’ Jess Cornelius says, “I put a call out on Twitter to see if anyone would be up for making us a free video, and Alifeleti was one of the directors who put their hand up. Originally I thought the weird drunk girl in the clip would be me, but luckily we found someone else to do it so I didn’t have to. The main idea was for her to be trying to get random strangers to dance with her. It morphed into her getting kicked out of lots of bars and parties, but I think she’s still endearing.”


Tuesday 20 November
Pop up performance (solo) at Alice Euphemia, City , as part of Melbourne Music Week.

Thursday 22 November
Little King Café, Shop 4 209 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Morning Ritual, as part of Melbourne Music Week, 9am – 10am

Friday 23 November
The Square, Sydney (cnr George and Haymarket Sts)
With: Darren Sylvester and Convent, 9pm

Saturday 24 November
The Shadow Electric Bar at The Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
With: Harmony (co-headlining) and Olympia

Click here to watch the video.


Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘The Party Is You’. Hear and download the track below:

Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne based musician Jess Cornelius. With a combination of hypnotic 505 drum-machine beats and slow, bent-out-of-shape guitar lines, her songs weave themselves throughout heartbreak and simmering discontent.

After a successful SXSW 2012 in March, Teeth & Tongue is heading back to the USA for CMJ 2012, to coincide with the release of ‘The Party Is You’.

Her SXSW jaunt saw her play the Flavorpill showcase alongside Niki & the Dove, Zambri and Pictureplane, and shows in Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, San Francisco and Toronto, before unleashing on New York City –– playing shows at Glasslands, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall and The Bellhouse. She also stopped by EVR to perform live on Andy Rourke’s show, and caught the eyes and ears of VH1, Nylon and MTV. Last year Jess Cornelius released her second album Tambourine though Dot Dash / Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “one of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

Holed up in the studio for the past few months, Teeth & Tongue has been working on her third album, showing her growing fascination with layered vocal samples, shifting electronic percussion and expansive guitar-scapes. Single ‘The Party Is You’ is no exception, a shimmering gem of synths, drums, and Jess’ super-seductive vocals.


Teeth & Tongue are heading to the US and Canada for a string of dates, including SXSW and Canadian Music Week.

Wednesday 7th March, The Blue Lagoon, Santa Cruz, CA (9pm)

Thursday 8th March, The Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA (10pm)

Saturday 10th March, The Home Room, Los Angeles (time TBA)

Sunday 11th March, LA Aussie BBQ, The Echo, Los Angeles (4pm)

Wednesday 14th March, SXSW – Flavorpill Party, Lipstick 24, Austin, TX (time TBA)

Thursday 15th March, SXSW – Stephen F’s Bar, Austin. 11pm

Saturday 17th March, SXSW – 5th Annual Dart Music International House showcase at the German Free School, Austin, TX (2pm)

Saturday 17th March, SXSW – The Aussie BBQ at Maggie Maes Rooftop, Austin TX (7pm)

Wednesday 21st March, CMW – C’est What, Toronto ON, Canada (9pm)

Friday 23rd March, CMW – Don’t Touch That Dial Presents, The Garrison, Toronto ON, Canada (time TBA)

Saturday 24th March, CMW- Toronto Aussie BBQ, El Mocambo, Toronto ON, Canada (3.10pm)

Sunday 25th March, New York Aussie BBQ, The Bell House, NY (6.30pm)


Tambourine is out now via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control
Tambourine - Teeth and Tongue


The lovely Jess Cornelius from Teeth+Tongue talks about the music currently on her mind.

Teeth & Tongue will play at the Melbourne Music Week closing party this Saturday 26 November, Melbourne Central Rooftop. Presented by Two Bright Lakes & Mess+Noise, also playing is Nick Huggins and Oscar+Martin + many more.

Superette – ‘Waves’

We’re covering this song for a Flying Nun birthday celebration gig and it’s reminding me how much I love this band. They were played a lot on student radio in Wellington, and this came out in 1997. They’ve been broken up for ages, though. This track is about a guy who accidentally kills a girl in the middle of a field, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

The Weeknd – ‘The Morning’


This doesn’t really need any explanation. I’m hooked, just like everyone else. I didn’t realise Marc had the record until a recent drive up to Sydney, where we had it on repeat. It’s good driving music. Marc loves slinky R ‘n’ B a lot more than anyone would guess.

Laura Jean – ‘Australia’

Simon Grounds recorded this track and he was telling me about it before I heard it. He described it as the ‘anti national anthem’. It sends shivers down my spine when I see it played live.

We could not find this track online, but you can listen to more of Laura’s beautiful music here.

Ballads – ‘Your Mistake’

Listen here.

This is a new Melbourne band that have only put out a 7″ so far. But this track has had got a lovely lilting, meandering rhythm and a sweet wurlitzer vibe, but then this big droney organ thing comes in and makes it all a bit tough.

Alexandra Stan – ‘Mr Saxobeat’

This one’s on Marc’s behalf. He came to rehearsal one day raving about this really catchy pop song he heard in a supermarket. He even sang it to me to see if I’d recognise it. I think he really likes the way the singer says the word ‘freak’, kind of rolling her ‘rr’s in a very Russian sort of way. I went home and looked up the song on You Tube but I have to say, I ‘m not sure I share his enthusiasm. I like the way Marc sings it though.


Teeth & Tongue – Tambourine
is out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control
Tambourine - Teeth and Tongue


Voting for the 2011 AGE EG AWARDS is now open & we are stoked that the following amazing Remote Control artists are up for an award:

BEST NEW TALENT: Oscar + Martin; Sand Pebbles
BEST FEMALE: Jane Badler
BEST ALBUM: Sand Pebbles – Dark Magic
BEST SONG: Oscar + Martin – ‘Do the Right Thing'; Sand Pebbles – ‘Occupied Europe'; Teeth & Tongue – Unfamiliar Skirts
BEST TOUR: Swans (Forum/East Brunswick Club); the National (Palais/Falls)

View full nominees list here.


Teeth & Tongue reveal new single + announce launch

Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘Vaseline On The Lens’.

“Vaseline On The Lens’ is the oldest song on Tambourine”, says Jess Cornelius. “It was written just after we finished Monobasic, but Marc and I made four different recordings of it because we just couldn’t get the recorded version to equal the live version”, she adds. “Eventually we stripped back all the guitar parts and it came together. It still keeps changing when we play it live”.

To celebrate, Teeth & Tongue will launch ‘Vaseline On The Lens’ at Goodgod in Sydney on Saturday 8 October, and at The Buffalo Club in Melbourne on Saturday 15 October.

Teeth & Tongue – Tambourine
is out now via Dot Dash
Tambourine - Teeth and Tongue