Tanlines have just revealed the video for new single ‘All Of Me’ taken from their new album Mixed Emotions and directed by The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt.

The video marks the music video directorial debut of UK comedy legend Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh. The collaboration between Barratt and the band was a combination of brazen wishful thinking and good luck.

Tanlines, who are influenced by Barratt, toyed with the possibility of listing the Mighty Boosh as a creative partner in their liner notes. Word reached Barratt, who after listening to an early version of the album realized ‘All of Me’ served as a perfect musical counterpoint to some of the imagery he was interested in exploring, and an opportunity to experiment making music videos. So shockingly, he dove in.

Barratt says, “At the time I wrote the treatment, I was watching a particular film by Fabrice Du Welz called ‘The Ordeal’ which is a really good, strange, macabre film with some really interesting movement and dance bits in that…I’m always trying to do anything between comedy and horror. Because you have such a strong flavor with Tanlines’ music, it’s quite fun to offset that with bleak imagery.”

The video stars the band performing on an old-timey late-night television show to an elderly crowd jiltedly moving together, doing something just short of dancing. It is mysterious, funny, macabre and a definite must-see:

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tanlines’ new video ‘All Of Me':

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You’ve already spent some time wrapping your head around the album opener Brothers (and the progressive house rave r die, thizz yr brains out remix) so now here’s something new.

‘All of Me’ is the kind of spirited and soaring track Tanlines have somehow gotten really really really good at making. An intimate song about love and fear busted out into a digital stadium.

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions is out 16 March 2012 via Matador/Remote Control.

Tanlines– ‘All Of Me’ [mp3]


Tanlines have made an amazing video for Mixed Emotionsfirst track Brothers.

The band spent a lot of time talking about what it is to make music videos in this day and age, and as they do, Tanlines found a way to do something a little different- to make an intimate, simple story take on a few extra layers, to be able to tell a simple story that can be retold in an infinite number of ways.

The video is shot using a 360-degree GoPano lens and has enough easter eggs to justify a few repeated views. It was directed by Weird Days.

Press play and ‘CLICK & DRAG':

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions is out 16 March 2012 via True Panther/Remote Control.

[info via True Panther]


Brooklyn, NY’s TANLINES will release their debut album, Mixed Emotions in March 2012 via True Panther.

The album was recorded in various NYC home studios and mixed in Miami by legendary mixing engineer Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Television, Roxy Music).

Mixed Emotion’s first taste, ‘Brothers’ is available for download now:

Tanlines – ‘Brother’ [mp3]

[info via Matador]