When Sunn O))) first approached Scott Walker about appearing on their 2009 album Monoliths & Dimensions, little did they know what it would actually lead to. Four years on, Scott was back with something even more enticing, collaborating on Soused, a body of work he was writing with them in mind.

Recorded in London in early 2014 and produced by Scott Walker and long-time ally Peter Walsh with the assistance of musical director Mark WarmanSoused is a 5-track, 50-minute collaborative record that cements the status of both act’s wide-reaching and otherworldly renown.

‘Soused’ is out now via 4AD / Remote Control Records













Scott Walker and Sunn O))) have announced details of their forthcoming collaboration ‘Soused’.

‘Soused’ is a 5-track, 50-minute record that cements the status of both acts’ wide-reaching and otherworldly renown.

The project will be out in Australia on Friday 19th of September via 4AD /Remote Control Records


Scott Walker will finally release his long awaited fifth studio album Bish Bosch on 30 November 2012 via 4AD/Remote Control.

Today an extensive four-minute trailer for Bish Bosch was released which features snippets of several songs alongside in-studio footage. Director’s Iain Forsyth
& Jane Pollard were granted rare access to the studio to capture Scott, his co-producer Peter Walsh and some of the musicians involved in the making of the record.

With this footage, they have helped to create a unique film that uses extracts from tracks ‘See You Don’t Bump His Head’, ‘Tar’, ‘Dimple’, ‘Corps De Blah’, ‘Phrasing’ and ‘Epizootics!’ to offer a tantalising insight to this much-anticipated album. Also included in this short film are glimpses of Scott working with painter Ben Farquharson and designer Philip Laslett in the creation of the album’s artwork.


Scott Walker will finally release Bish Bosch this November, his long-awaited and first studio album since 2006’s The Drift. Since the 1960s, Scott Walker has scaled the heights of pop superstardom, produced some of the most revered solo albums, coasted on his laurels during the seventies, then metamorphosed into something very different. The music he has been making at his own pace since the early eighties might be utterly estranged from the songs that made him a household name, but they stem from the privacy he requires to write this complex and hugely inventive music.

Bish Bosch is the latest in Scott’s discography to pursue the line of enquiry he began back in 1978, with his four devastatingly original songs on the Walker Brothers’ swansong, Nite Flights, and continuing through Climate of Hunter (1984), Tilt (1995), The Drift (2006). He has continued to mature and develop in a late style utterly at odds with the music that made him a superstar, a lifetime ago, but which is totally honest, uncompromising and transcendent.

If The Drift was a dark place, full of scorching orchestral textures and ominous rumblings, Bish Bosch is a tauter but more colourful experience, with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards and thick silences.

Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch will be released on 30 November 2012 via 4AD / Remote Control, with a comprehensive booklet to accompany the album. For the cover art, Scott worked closely with painter Ben Farquharson and designer Philip Laslett.