It’s been over three decades since Christchurch record shop employee and music fan, Roger Shepherd was inspired to start a record label as an outlet for South Island bands. And it was the city of Dunedin that quickly became most strongly associated with Flying Nun, and in 1982, four bands from that southern outpost – The ChillsSneaky Feelings, the Stones and the Verlaines – each recorded a side for a double 12″ EP pack, which actually untitled, was referred to as the Dunedin Double.

The Dunedin EP theme also continues with Flying Nun’s other Record Store Day release, the Bored Games – ‘Who Killed Colonel Mustard.’

Released the same year as the Dunedin Double (1982) it introduced the music of a 17-year-old Shayne Carter, who would later go on to form The DoubleHappy’s and Straightjacket Fits. In the tradition of many great bands they formed while attending high school, debuting at the school’s talent contest in 1979 they went on to play a show supporting Toy Love.

As part of the Record Store Day release, the EP has been remastered and includes an insert of previously unseen photos. Limited to 1000 copies.

T54 Announce Debut Album In Brush Park & New Video

T54 have released the new single ‘Return Of The Worm’ from their upcoming album In Brush Park, out in Australia on Friday 8th August via Flying Nun / Remote Control.

The new video premiered on Mess and Noise, and like the song, is loud and catchy but with a menacing undertone. Directed by Melbourne-based Samuel Galloway, he decided to keep the clip simple but difficult at the same time;

I’ve always hated those creepy low budget puppet TV shows, so we used that idea to give the clip a bit of an edge,” Galloway says. “We had heard working with children was really easy, so we thought we’d make a challenge by feeding him lollies and then giving him a sword in a highly destructible environment. The whole thing was a nightmare.”

In Brush Park was recorded at the Dunedin venue Sammys by Tom Bell (David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights), it features ten tracks of glorious guitar drone, fuzz and feedback from the Christchurch three-piece (Joe Sampson, Matt Scobie and Sam Hood).
In Brush Park Tracklist:
1. Nails Painted
2. Life is Swell
3. Kill Red
4. O Nina
5. Return of the Worm
6. SW Chops
7. AC Parade
8. Return To Action Movies
9. Jennifer Hands
10. Biscuit City Sisters
T54 – In Brush Park is out in Australia on Friday 8 November via Flying Nun / Remote Control.

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