Teeth & Tongue have announced the ‘Grids’ album tour!!

The album was named Album Of The Week at Triple R (3RRR 102.7FM)Perth Indymedia Radio – RTR 92.1 FM and Beat Magazine.

Teeth & Tongue’s spectacular album ‘Grids’ was released in March and now Jess Cornelius and her full band will be heading out on tour to perform the album in all its multi-layered glory.

Thu 12th June - The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine, Castlemaine
Thu 19th June - Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Sat 21st June - Beetle Bar, Brisbane
Sat 27th June - Rhino Room, Adelaide
Sat 28th June - Howler Melbourne, Melbourne
Fri 11th July – Club 54, Launceston
Sat 12th July – The Homestead, Hobart
Sun 13th July - MONA FOMA, Hobart

Tickets are on sale now!

‘Grids’ is out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control


Sourdough lover, expert traveller and all round LEGEND Teeth & Tongue will be releasing ‘Grids’ tomorrow. ‘Grids’ is the follow up to 2011′s Tambourine.

In celebration, read and listen to the following to get hyped:
Tommorrow is an exciting day in the world of Teeth & Tongue. Tommorrow is the release of the new album ‘Grids’.
Read about 5 things that inspired the album via Faster Louder here.
Listen to ‘Grids’ in full via The Music.com.au here.


Read why this playlist Jess put together for Pagesdigital is called “Top 5 Songs to Drive To Point Cook to Pick Up Replacement Tent Poles To” here.

Grids will be released via Dot  Dash / Remote Control March 20th


Teeth & Tongue return with sophmore album Grids out on 21st March 2014 via Dot Dash / Remote Control.

“Every time I make an album I swear it’s going to be a quick, easy, straightforward affair, but that doesn’t ever seem to happen. When I came back from the USA at the end of 2012, I had a bunch of new songs that I’d written for the tour and wanted to demo properly.  AJ Bradford and I had some mutual friends and he had a nice studio so I went in there for a few days to track a demo of ‘Good Man’”, says Jess Cornelius.

“Somehow that demo turned into the beginning of this new album, although it would take an entire year before we got close to finishing it”.

“I was extremely lucky with the people involved too: Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie and Damian Sullivan from the live band both play a lot on the album, and we had Laura Jean and Peter Luscombe play on a couple of tracks, as well as Tim O’Connor from Ballads”.

Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne-based musician Jess Cornelius. In 2011 Teeth & Tongue released second album Tambourine though Dot Dash/Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “One of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

Watch the video by clicking on this image:

Premiered today by The Vine, ‘Newborn’ is the second single taken from Grids.

Words by Matthew Cribb, Director
“The idea was mostly a kind of re-engineering of Groove Armada’s 1999 video for “I See You Baby (alternate version)”. Instead of unnecessarily over-sexualized women, we used buffed up dudes pumping weights and showcasing their muscles. We went in with only a minimal amount of visual imagery we wanted to re-create, but beyond that it was largely a collaborative effort with virtually everyone on set involved”

Grids Track-listing:
1. Good Man
2. More Than This
3. Newborn
4. I Feel Good
5. Easy Living
6. Boredom
7. Going South
8. The Party Is You
9. Today
10. Mess You Up
11. Family Home

Teeth & Tongue - Grids is out Friday 21 March via Dot Dash / Remote Control


Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘Good Man’, the first track from their forthcoming album due for release in early 2014.

“I started humming the tune in my head while lurking around Northcote train station last year. At the time I was working on a solo show for the US, using only a drum machine and a synth, so I went home and tried to make it into a song that would stand alone without any other instruments”, says Jess Cornelius.

“I ended up sampling layers of my voice for the rhythmic part, and then triggering the vocals using a foot switch while playing it live. This set-up kind of became a prototype for a lot of the songs I have written recently.”

Watch the video for ‘Good Man’ below:

TEETH AND TONGUE – GOOD MAN from Lucky Dolphin on Vimeo.


Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne-based musician Jess Cornelius. In 2011 Teeth & Tongue released second album Tambourine though Dot Dash/Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “One of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

‘Good Man’ on iTunes


Two years after the release of their debut album Fifteen, Super Wild Horses return with their second full length Crosswords. The album will be available from Friday 5 April 2013 via Dot Dash / Remote Control.

Check out the first single ‘Alligator’ below:

Super Wild Horses are Melbourne duo Amy Franz and Hayley McKee. Formed in 2009, the pair have carved a name for themselves locally and internationally as leaders among the lo-fi garage / DIY scene currently exploding out of Australia. The pair stitch together a patchwork of guitar, drums and keys over dual harmonies and sparse arrangements.
Employing a similar recording process to their critically lauded debut album Fifteen, which was recorded and produced by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control, Super Wild Horses bunkered down in the country over 2012 to complete Crosswords. Loading up a van with instruments, recording gear and engineer Jack Farley (Twerps, Beaches, St Helens), they travelled just past Castlemaine, Victoria and created their own temporary studio in an unused butter factory.
22 tracks were initially recorded over three days, but instead of relying on a purely live recording limited to the sound they could make as a two-piece, they decided to flesh out the songs with some extra instrumentation, percussion and vocals at Transient Studios in Northcote with the help of friends Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins) and Rick Milovanovic (Boomgates, Twerps).
Crosswords is a reflection on the guessing game of life; the times you get it right, and the times when you’re left staring at the aftermath of a bad decision. The album sees the duo exploring a wider range of influences from soul, country and pop and, at times, even more melancholic tones, as well as their unique brand of garage-driven goodness.

Crosswords is the follow up to Super Wild Horses assured debut album Fifteen, which was released in mid 2010. Fifteen was named ‘Album of the Week’ by Australian community radio stations Triple R, FBi and RTR, and was released in the US on respected Chicago label HoZac Records. Following the release of Fifteen, Super Wild Horses toured the USA in September 2010, including a slot at the venerable Goner Fest in Memphis Tennessee. Back home, their on-stage energy has put them on festival stages including Big Day Out, Golden Plains and Sydney Festival, and has earned them invitations to tour with the likes of Best Coast, Foo Fighters, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Drones, Thee Oh Sees, Pond, Dum Dum Girls and Ty Segall.

Super Wild Horses – Crosswords

1: Alligator

2: Memphis

3: Don’t Gamble

4: Heavy Step

5: You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

6: Meant For Two

7: Dragging The Fog

8: Ono In A Space Bubble

9: West Coast

10: Running With Wolves

11: You Have Two Feet (So Run)

12: Waikiki Romance

13: Setting Sun

Super Wild Horses – Crosswords is out Friday 5 April 2013 via Dot Dash / Remote Control.