Mick Turner will release new album Don’t Tell the Driver on 15th November 2013 via King Crab / Remote Control.

With the help of his many friends, Mick Turner has turned over a powerful page of life and music with Don’t Tell the Driver. The album was recorded at Mick’s Melbourne studio ‘Big Moth’ over last 4 years.

Replete with classic epics and timely reprises, Don’t Tell the Driver is an inspired and focused collection of Mick Turner music that reaches for new borders without sacrificing the dizzy wandering and painterly stillness that has typified Mick’s best work of the past.

As much as guitar, Don’t Tell the Driver features heaps of help from friends, adding piano, melodica, Fender Rhodes, horns and vocals.

Caroline Kennedy-McCraken (Dead Star, The Plums, Caroline No) – vocals
Oliver Mann (Australian opera, solo artist) – vocals
Ian Wadley (Minimum Chips, Bird Blobs, Mad Nanna) – drums
Jeff Wegener (Laughing Clowns)  -drums
Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Where Were You at Lunch) – drums
Peggy Frew (Art of Fighting) – bass

Don’t Tell The Driver Track-listing:

1. All Gone
2. Sometimes
3. Long Way Home
4. Don’t Tell the Driver
5. Gone Dreaming
6. Here’s a Way
7. The Navigator
8 Over Waves
9. The Birdcatcher
10. We’re Not Going Home
11. The Last Song

Mick Turner – Don’t Tell the Driver is out 15 November 2013 via King Crab / Remote Control.