Civil Civic will release their debut full-length album Rules on 1 February 2013 via Remote Control.  The release coincides with the duo’s upcoming debut Australian tour and appearance at ATP Melbourne’s ‘I’ll Be your Mirror’ Festival.

Rules is an album that came into the world slowly, the songs delicately pieced together over a two year period.  The title of the record reflects the in-built set of guidelines that Civil Civic was founded upon and operates within.  Guided by the desire to adhere to bare bones drum programming and minimal production trickery, Civil Civic have created a record that hinges on its ability to be performed in a live setting.

A wholly instrumental affair, Rules is a swirling maelstrom of guitar buzz and reverberating atmospheric intensity.  It does not dictate any stories nor does it proclaim wisdom or insight into human affairs.  Being liberated from the burden of messages, Rules can do what it does best, delivering a mix of teeth-grinding intensity, pop triumphalism and party-on abandon.

Civil Civic are Aaron Cupples and Ben Green, two Australian ex-pats, now living in London and Barcelona respectively.   In February 2013, the duo will perform live in their first series of Australian shows since meeting in Barcelona in 2009.

See Civil Civic live at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on Thursday 7 February, at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney on Friday 8 February, at ATP Melbourne’s ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ Festival on Saturday 16 February, and a special show at The Tote in Melbourne on Tuesday 19 February.

Civil Civic – Rules is released on 1 February 2013 on LP, CD and digital formats
via Remote Control Records

Download album track ‘Run Overdrive’ below.