Beirut shares new single + video ‘Gibraltar’

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The legends Beirut have shared new song and video ‘Gibraltar.’ Joining forces once more with Brother Willis (makers of the kaleidoscopic video for ‘No No No’), and interested by the idea of a setting beside the sea and “the massive island of trash which is growing and floating out in the Pacific.” ‘Gibraltar’ follows Beirut leader Zach Condon and band members Paul Collins and Nick Petree picking their way through a fantasy Gibraltar to meet its ‘Rock’.

Have a watch!

Their forthcoming album ‘No No No’ is out Friday 11 Sept.

Beirut shares video for ‘No No No’

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Our friend Beirut has shared the video for his latest single ‘No No No’. Directed by Brother Willis, the video finds the 6-piece band performing on an American Bandstand type set with unexpected twists playing on the song’s title. Watch the video below.

The song comes from Beirut’s forthcoming album ‘No No No’ out Friday 11 September.

Beirut announces album No No No and shares title track

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Zach Condon and his band Beirut have announced the release of their fourth album ‘No No No’

No No No comes four years after The Rip Tide, and was recorded over a two week period during one of the coldest New York winters – with blizzard after blizzard raging outside.

Listen to the single ‘No No No’ below.

You can read the full story about the creation of the record here before it’s release on Friday 11 September.


Beirut have released the video for the title track from their 2011 album. The video was directed Houmam Abdallah. Zach Condon chatted to Pitchfork about the video:

“I always felt that The Rip Tide wasn’t fully able to project its own ambitions in song form.. no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone… I wanted more, as I often do with my music, and this is not a bad thing. Growing to accept a song’s limits is part of the process of creating and loving them. Which was why I was so excited to see what Houmam had dug into when he picked The Rip Tide out of all others for a video. The concept fit, and the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself, now available for others to see and feel it much more as I had in the process of writing it.”

Beriut will return to Australia later this year for Harvest Festival.

Beirut – The Rip Tide is out now via Pompeii/ Remote Control
The Rip Tide - Beirut


Beirut has released the new video for Vagabond, from their 2011 full-length The Rip Tide.

The black-and-white clip, directed by Sunset Television, plays off the track’s title, with the feel of a low-budget 1940s war film.

The video, shot at the Greenpoint, Brooklyn hall Warsaw, pictures a group of soldiers and sailors “flirting with nurses and hard-living local girls at a dance,” the directors said. It was inspired by the aesthetic of Milos Forman films from the 1960s. The directors added, “With all the smoking, drinking, and advanced pregnancy, the video will probably be banned from MTV, so we hope lots of people enjoy it on the internet.”

info via [Pitchfork]


Beirut – The Rip Tide is out now via Pompeii/ Remote Control
The Rip Tide - Beirut



Beirut made another late night TV appearance, this time on Jimmy Fallon over night. They took to their Facebook page to say that this was easily the best time they have had on late night thus far.

Beirut – ‘Santa Fe’

Beirut – The Rip Tide is out now via Pompeii/ Remote Control
The Rip Tide - Beirut