The Murlocs share video for Young Blindness

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The Murlocs have released Young Blindness, their second full-length LP today via Flightless / Remote Control Records.

In addition, the band have shared their video for ‘Young Blindness.’

Frontman Ambrose Kenny-Smith described the video:

“I kinda grew up fast as a kid. I was always hanging out with older people so I cut my teeth early on. Years later I realise how oblivious I was to my surroundings. The idea of the song and it’s visual can be taken in anyway. In the end it all comes back around to the idea of being naive and learning as you go along.”

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Milwaukee Banks share video for ‘Reincarnated’

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Melbourne based hip-hop / electronic duo Milwaukee Banks have today released their debut record Deep Into The Night via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records. To celebrate, the pair have shared an incredible video for ‘Reincarnated.’

Dyl and Edo explain the inspiration behind the track: 
“We like exploring the supernatural as inspiration for new material. The idea of reincarnation is spiritual (something we truly believe in) but it’s also reflected in the cyclical nature of society. We’re rebirthing the good and the bad, over and over again. We’ve seen it all before but we can’t break this cycle. You wonder if the world is even changing for the better sometimes. Or if it’s changing at all. ‘I open up my eyes I can see them telling lies’.

“We were really into the idea and vision Jono had for the video, taking the concept of reincarnation on a philosophical and spiritual level, and turning that idea into something fictional using elements of the real world.”

From Director Jonathon Lim:
“When I first saw Dyl’s explanation of the track, I immediately began to think of cultures that embrace reincarnation. I was in the airport in Malaysia, which has a huge Indian population, so my mind began ticking with everyone around me.

Reincarnation is one of the core beliefs of Hinduism. In Varanasi, in the North of India, it is believed that sins accumulated in previous lives can disappear if one dies there. Resulting in over 300 bodies cremated on the banks every day.

It’s an interesting challenge to be able to take something as different as Hindu Cremation ceremonies from the North of India and recreate it in an inner city Melbourne context.”

You can stream and purchase the record here.

Empress Of releases new single ‘Woman Is A Word’

Woman Is A Word[RMW5]

LA’s Empress Of today releases new single ‘Woman Is A Word.’

Previously unheard and taken from her recording sessions for her critically acclaimed debut album Me (out on Terrible Records), ‘Woman Is A Word‘ is a deeply personal and political track.

Empress Of explains its genesis: “Sometimes as a songwriter and a human, I feel very restricted by words. One word can have so much social implication, standard, limitation, qualification that it doesn’t give a person their own opportunity to really choose their identity. I wrote ‘Woman Is A Word’ at a time when I felt like the word ‘woman’ put me in a box of things I was capable to do, things that defined me that didn’t necessarily define me.”

Underpinned by Empress Of’s unique brand of avant-R&B, ‘Woman Is A Word‘ is strongly defiant in its ideas of femininity and identity. Listen to it below.

Rostam releases single ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me’

Rostam shot by Wes Miles 001

Singer and producer Rostam releases ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me‘ as a beautiful dance video.

Alongside previously released tracks ‘EOS‘ and ‘Wood,’ ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me‘ is part of a collection of singles Rostam is releasing on XL recordings this year. The video for ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me‘ was co-directed by Rostam and Josh Goleman (who he previously worked with on Ra Ra Riot’s ‘Water’ Music video).

This video was in some ways years in the making,” explains Rostam, “After the release of the Discovery LP in 2009 I began to see people posting videos of themselves choreographing sections of songs from the album. It was then I realised I really wanted to make a dance video.”

The video features dancers Jack Grabow and Sam Asa Pratt, who have posted their own videos improvising dance to Rostam’s music in the past. Catching Rostam’s attention, it was only a matter of time until a collaboration came into the works. The final result is the visually engaging video for ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me‘ which showcases mirrored dance choreography for a symmetrically shot performance on camera.

EL VY drop videos for ‘Sad Case/Happiness, Missouri’ & ‘It’s A Game’

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EL VY’s Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf have made good on their promise to deliver a video for every song on their debut album… watch ‘Sad Case/Happiness, Missouri’ and ‘It’s A Game’ videos below. Return To The Moon is out now via 4AD / Remote Control Records.

‘It’s A Game’, directed by Tom Berninger (Matt’s brother, director of the award-winning Mistaken For Strangers film and creator of all preceding EL VY videos thus far), sees Tom’s artwork time-lapsed to life, while he and Matt struggle to come up with imagery that works for both of them.

‘Sad Case/Happiness, Missouri’, filmed by Michael Brown and Ben Krall, and edited by Kelly Lyon, is a music horror video, of sorts.  It captures Matt and Brent in a fight for survival, combined with live EL VY performance footage.  

Liima share video for ‘Roger Waters’

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Liima – the Nordic quartet formed by Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö plus Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg of Danish act Efterklang – explore their dark side in their video for new single ‘Roger Waters.’

Not for the faint-hearted, the video was directed by Plastic Zoo and feels more like a miniature horror film. It is focused on a hidden menace, striking fear into a cast of unusual characters who find salvation from an unlikely hero.

“You know that feeling when you switch on the TV late at night and catch the last few minutes of a film and you think, “wow, that was awful and made absolutely no sense!” but you still wanna watch the whole thing? Yeah, that….” – Plastic Zoo

The track comes from their debut album ‘ii’ out next Friday 18 March via 4AD / Remote Control.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard announce ‘Nonagon Infinity’ + share ‘Gamma Knife’

King Gizzard colour general use image - photo credit Lee Vincent Grubb

Clear the launch pad – Melbourne septet King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have announced the release of their 8th LP, Nonagon Infinity, out Friday April 29 on Flightless / Remote Control Records.

This high-octane, face-melting 9-song collection has been ingeniously crafted as the world’s first infinitely looping LP – each track seamlessly flows into the next, with the final song linking straight back into the top of the opener.

The first track to be shared from the record is ‘Gamma Knife.’ Watch the crazy video for the single below.

Nonagon Infinity is available for preorder today on iTunesGoogle PlayJB Hifi, your local neighbourhood record store and

Lapsley shares ‘Love Is Blind’ video


Lapsley has shared her stunning video for ‘Love Is Blind.’ The track comes from her debut album ‘Long Way Home’ out now!

Long Way Home documents a turbulent time in Låpsley’s life — a period in which she revelled in her new-found music career as it took her from Liverpool to London to Los Angeles and back again. Of the album, Låpsley says “I think it’s helped me to be able to collect everything for those moments when I’m writing. I think that’s what’s driven this album.”

She had a chat with Brag Magazine about her experience as both a producer and singer. Read the interview here.