Introducing: Car Seat Headrest

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We are thrilled to announce that Matador has signed Car Seat Headrest and will release ‘Teens of Style’ on October 30, with ‘Teens of Denial’ to follow soon after in 2016. This prolific artist (née Will Toledo) comes to Matador having already crafted an 11-album catalog of staggering depth, all self-released on Bandcamp, which has gained him an obsessive following and over 25,000 downloads – all without the muscle of a manager, label, agent, or publicist – until now.

Car Seat Headrest has also dropped its first-ever official video for single ‘Something Soon,’ directed by Jason Reid. The video features Toledo and his bandmates in an abandoned house on Bainbridge Island, WA, acting out variety of skewed domestic scenes: lightbulb microphones, destruction of household appliances, bathtub nudity, and the burning of a cargo box coffin.

Car Seat Headrest began in 2010 in Will Toledo’s hometown of Leesburg, Virginia. Needing a place of solitude (and soundproofing) where he could record vocals undisturbed, a 17-year-old Toledo set up shop in the family car. Toledo’s catalogue is sharp, literary, and culturally omnivorous as it touches upon youth and death, love and depression, drunken parties and 2nd century theologians. Ever surprising, his lyrical imagery ranges from playful to sexually frank to sorrowful, often within the same song.

On Teens of Style, Toledo has taken material from the first three years of the band’s existence and reworked it to generate some of the most realised arrangements to date. Drawing material from 3 (2010), My Back Is Killing Me Baby (2011), and Monomania (2012), Teens of Style provides a concise overview of the band’s many sonic and emotional facets, with the songs ranging from electronic psychedelia to punky anthems to melancholic acoustic numbers.

EL VY shares new song ‘I’m The Man To Be’

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EL VY, the musical collaboration between Matt Berninger (lyricist and vocalist of The National) and Portland musician and producer Brent Knopf (Ramona Falls/Menomena), have presented a second new song ‘I’m The Man To Be’ from their forthcoming debut album, Return To The Moon released October 30th via 4AD / Remote Control.

The accompanying video starring the duo, directed by Tom Berninger and filmed in various locations around Venice Beach and Santa Monica, sets an equally playful and intriguing tone. Catch Matt Berninger dance like you’ve never seen before!

Their debut LP ‘Return To The Moon’ is out October 30.

Jess Ribeiro premieres ‘Hurry Back To Love’ video + album launch starts this week

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The legend Jess Ribeiro has premiered her video for second single ‘Hurry Back To Love’ via Fasterlouder. The single comes from her second album ‘Kill It Yourself’ which is out now via Barely Dressed/ Remote Control Records.

Jess worked with Mick Harvey who produced and played on the album. They recently were the subject of a documentary surrounding the album’s creation. Have a watch!

Catch Jess Ribeiro perform across Aus on her Kill It Yourself album tour!

Details and tour dates here.

Empress Of shares video for ‘How Do You Do It’

YES! The incredible Empress Of has shared the third single from her debut album Me, out September 11 on Terrible Records.

Reflecting the deeply personal themes of Me, the video for “How Do You Do It” was filmed in Lorely’s hometown of Los Angeles and plays out like a personal travelogue giving viewers an intimate look inside the life of Empress Of. “On tour, I spend 23 hours of my day driving, flying, shaving my legs in gross venue bathrooms, sleeping on floors or in motels…to get to that one hour of bliss on stage. I wanted to make a video about this other side of being an artist,” explains Lorely.

Jeremy Neale shares new single ‘The Love Calling’

JNGeneral_1 Well, look at this. Let Me Go Out In Style, the new EP from Jeremy Neale is on it’s way. And here’s the next single ‘The Love Calling’.

Let Me Go Out In Style is the result of four producers, many guest musicians and Jeremy’s quest to explore a greater range of his stylistic influences on his path to become a master songwriter. The road is long but he’s here to stay. The EP chronicles the lingering and residual feelings after a relationship has ended, and the ups, downs and general introspection of the space until another begins.

He’s also shared a single ‘The Love Calling’. Have a listen below!

Jeremy Neale cares about the real stuff. People, songs, entertainment. Maybe that’s because his earliest memory is of his identical twin brother being jettisoned into deep space. It was at that very moment that he knew he had to live his life for two. He has a solo career that has seen him tour extensively both nationally and internationally off the back of his 2013 debut EP, In Stranger Times. Now he’s back in a big way with the follow up Let Me Go Out In Style due September 25 with the help of Dot Dash / Remote Control Records

LE1F Announces Riot Boy LP + Shares new single ‘Koi’

Le1f has dropped brand new track ‘Koi’, the first single from his debut full-length ‘Riot Boi’ via Terrible Records / Remote Control.

The track, which Le1f shared over the weekend, is quintessential Le1f showcasing the New York rappers venomous retort within the future-facing producer SOPHIE collaboration.

Directed by Simon Ward on Australia shores during Le1f’s last tour, the video is yet another visual standout within the trophy case of past Le1f videos that include ‘WUT’, ‘Boom’, ‘Sup’ and many more. Stay tuned for more album info coming soon!

Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’ out today!


Yes!! Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’ is out today via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.

To celebrate the release, Sui Zhen will be playing tonight (28th August) at Polyester Records for a free, all ages instore!

Secretly Susan takes influence from Japanese lovers rock, 80s electro-bossanova and dubby-lounge pop which Becky discovered during holidays in Japan and London where she was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy. Playing records as DJ Susan is a new outlet for Becky, allowing her to share the references and context that informs her distinct approach to music making.

In the release of Secretly Susan we can expect to be immersed in the larger narratives that surround Becky’s work. From the banal pastel dystopia of her ‘Infinity Street’ video to the invention of Susan, an alter ego who manifests in the forthcoming single ‘Take It All Back’ – these colourful, surreal and staged landscapes allow Becky’s take on pop music to sit within its own uncanny terrain.