It’s been over three decades since Christchurch record shop employee and music fan, Roger Shepherd was inspired to start a record label as an outlet for South Island bands. And it was the city of Dunedin that quickly became most strongly associated with Flying Nun, and in 1982, four bands from that southern outpost – The ChillsSneaky Feelings, the Stones and the Verlaines – each recorded a side for a double 12″ EP pack, which actually untitled, was referred to as the Dunedin Double.

The Dunedin EP theme also continues with Flying Nun’s other Record Store Day release, the Bored Games – ‘Who Killed Colonel Mustard.’

Released the same year as the Dunedin Double (1982) it introduced the music of a 17-year-old Shayne Carter, who would later go on to form The DoubleHappy’s and Straightjacket Fits. In the tradition of many great bands they formed while attending high school, debuting at the school’s talent contest in 1979 they went on to play a show supporting Toy Love.

As part of the Record Store Day release, the EP has been remastered and includes an insert of previously unseen photos. Limited to 1000 copies.


Together for more than a decade, Efterklang have constantly pushed the boundaries of pop experimentalism over the course of three critically acclaimed albums. This desire to experiment has informed their approach to performing live, garnering the band plaudits for playing in diverse settings – whether alongside the Danish National Chamber Orchestra or Britten Sinfonia (‘Performing Parades’ tour), or in the company of family members on a remote Danish island (Vincent Moon’s ‘An Island’ documentary).

It comes as no surprise then, that Efterklang would look to present new material in a unique setting and on a grand scale. On May 26th 2012, Efterklang will make their debut performance at the prestigious Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony, as part of Sydney Vivid Festival 2012. The Vivid Live event will be a worldwide premiere of the music from the Danes’ forthcoming album Piramida, due for release later this year.

Working towards their Australian debut, Efterklang have engaged classical arrangers Missy Mazzoli (Kronos Quartet, Victoire), Karsten Fundal (Under Byen, Oh Land) and Daniel Bjarnason (Sigur Rós, Múm) to help their new songwriting fully integrate with the Sydney Symphony orchestra, conducted by Matthew Coorey.

For this special concert, the Danish trio will be performing as a six-piece, augmented by Peter Broderick (piano), Katinka Fogh Vindelev (choir) and Toby Dammit (drums). Efterklang feel Sydney Opera House is the perfect place to mark a new beginning, on the grounds that fellow Dane Jørn Utzon designed nearly sixty years ago.