Eyedress has released his brand new mixtape ‘Hearing Colours’ overnight.

This incredible mixtape from the 23 year old Fillipino producer was recorded entirely using Fruity Loops on his PC laptop.

‘Bedroom producer’ is an easy box to put Eyedress into, but this mixtape proves he is going to go far beyond his bedroom.
The soundscapes and feels stimulated by this record are enough to propel him from his bedroom to Jupiter!

Eyedress – Hearing Colors

1. Salaamin (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
2. Nature Trips
3. My Hologram
4. Biolumine (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
5. Arhuaco (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
6. Triduum (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
7. Luna Llena (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
8. White Lies
9. Periastron (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
10. Mountbatten
11. Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold
12. Don’t Disappear

Eyedress – Hearing Colors mixtape is available to stream & download here

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