Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘Good Man’, the first track from their forthcoming album due for release in early 2014.

“I started humming the tune in my head while lurking around Northcote train station last year. At the time I was working on a solo show for the US, using only a drum machine and a synth, so I went home and tried to make it into a song that would stand alone without any other instruments”, says Jess Cornelius.

“I ended up sampling layers of my voice for the rhythmic part, and then triggering the vocals using a foot switch while playing it live. This set-up kind of became a prototype for a lot of the songs I have written recently.”

Watch the video for ‘Good Man’ below:

TEETH AND TONGUE – GOOD MAN from Lucky Dolphin on Vimeo.


Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne-based musician Jess Cornelius. In 2011 Teeth & Tongue released second album Tambourine though Dot Dash/Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “One of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

‘Good Man’ on iTunes

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