Mick Turner’s new album Don’t Tell the Driver is out today via King Crab / Remote Control.
You can stream the album right now via The New York Times.
With the help of his many friends, Mick Turner has turned over a powerful page of life and music with Don’t Tell the Driver. The album was recorded at Mick’s Melbourne studio ‘Big Moth’ over last 4 years. 

The album is different from all other Mick Turner records – not just his own, but the ones he’s done with Dirty Three, Bonny Prince Billy, and Venom P. Stinger put together.  Don’t Tell the Driver is unarguably the first post-rock rock opera of our times. A record of our times by an artist running out of time.

Don’t Tell the Driver features heaps of help from friends, adding piano, melodica, Fender Rhodes, horns and vocals.

Mick Turner has shared a video for the meditative eight minute track ‘The Bird Catcher’, featuring the late and much loved actress/singer Karen Black in time for the release of his new album Don’t Tell The Driver.

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