Regular visitors to Australia, Future of the Left are contractually obliged to tell you that their fourth studio album “how to stop your brain in an accident” will be released on 25th October 2013 through Prescriptions/Remote Control.

Recorded by Charlie Francis (R.E.M, The Noisettes, Sweet Baboo) at the prestigious Monnow Valley Studios in Monmouth, and mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, it contains fourteen songs and runs to/at/on 46 minutes, all of which are completely necessary. if you are alive and even vaguely in love with the idea of rock music being more than an ersatz lifestyle choice then it is clearly their best album yet. Yes, they would say that.  No, it’s not open to debate.

The album is also accompanied by mini album, Human Death, which was recorded during the same album session. It is available on the same release date and sold separately. The 6 songs on this are by no means lesser in quality. They are album worthy but simply did not fit on the record. After an extremely prolific period of writing the band wanted to record as much as possible, hence these additional songs in the form of this extra mini album.

Listen to first song off the album ‘bread, cheese, bow and arrow’ below:


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