‘Mother Mother from the Blackbird album is an ode to strong women and music video director Mark Williams invitedBlack Grace to bring their interpretation to the dance floor. The video entwines Pacific contemporary dance to embellish the song’s techno groove.

Click the image to watch the video:

On the back of playing eight sold out Australian shows in support of new album Blackbird, Fat Freddy’s Drop will be back for Golden Plains 2014.

Blackbird Deluxe 2CD is out now via Remote Control. A booty release featuring the Blackbird album in full plus bonus disc, Fade Up Fade Down; a collection of studio out-takes and off the cuff musical meanderings.” They’re the creative process laid bare, everything from underground stand up comedy, a soundtrack for a puppet feature film to experimental blues. They’re the sound of Fat Freddy’s Drop writing in the studio”, says Tony Chang.

The deluxe version comes with a casebound album book of live and behind-the-scenes photos by Shanon Moratti.

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