Midnight Juggernauts reveal their new single ‘Ballad of the War Machine’. ‘Ballad of the War Machine’ is the first single taken from the trio’s forthcoming album, set for release in mid 2013 via Siberia Records / Remote Control.

Catch Midnight Juggernauts launch ‘Ballad of the War Machine’ at The Zoo in Brisbane on Friday 19 April, Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Saturday 20 April, and The Corner Hotel in Melbourne on Wednesday 24 April.

‘Ballad of the War Machine’ is one of the trio’s most pure pop songs, as if Van Dyke Parks has been aboard for the score for Interstella 5555. It’s accompanied by a surrealist video shot on the streets of Moscow. Whilst official revealed this morning, with Gorilla vs. Bear describing it as the “video of the year so far”, the video had concurrently been living diverse secret lives. In previous weeks the band covertly leaked various secret versions of this clip under different guises, untitled and not associated with Midnight Juggernauts. Presented as an eccentric Russian art-pop band performing on a Soviet state-run music program from 30 years ago, the videos were spread widely across various blogs, websites and discussion boards everywhere from Moscow to Montevideo. Watch the video HERE.

Following this unusual release experiment, the band observed and tracked disparate responses to the puzzling videos. Most non-Russians believed it must be a long-lost soviet pop band rediscovered from behind the iron curtain. Many Russians felt that the lack of Russian accent revealed it be a foreign band touring Moscow at the time and others wondered why the army would allow members with such facial hair. The various anonymous videos will remain online, free to live their own divergent alternate lives along the dark fringes of the web, until littered in comments such as “obveusly dumb austrlians trying 2 b russian”.
Since forming in Melbourne in 2004, Midnight Juggernauts have forged a unique path, pressing themselves firmly into the popular or perplexed consciousness, refusing to be bound by boundaries of genre, convention, or expectation. Eschewing an easy parochial path, Midnight Juggernauts have instead been international; taking their psychedelic Soviet-sci-fi pop to listeners near and far, around the corner and around the globe.

Ballad of the War Machine marks the band’s long-awaited return, their first output for three years following their previous albums Dystopia and The Crystal Axis. After touring long and hard from Brisbane to Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, and beyond — the trio took ‘time off’, which really equated to throwing themselves into all manner of esoteric adventures, oddball one-offs, inspired shindigs, and ambitious undertakings. This is the first taste of Midnight Juggernauts return journey, once again piloting their glittery kosmische musik far into known cosmos and unknown genre.

‘Ballad of the War Machine’ Tour
with special guests YESYOU

Friday 19 April - The Zoo, Brisbane
With special guests YesYou and Young Men Dead
Tickets available via 1300 762 545, www.oztix.com.au and Oztix outlets

Saturday 20 April - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
With special guests YesYou and Four Door
Tickets available via 1300 GET TIX, www.moshtix.com.au and all Moshtix outlets

Wednesday 24 April – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
With special guests YesYou and Client Liaison
Tickets available via 03 9427 9198, www.cornerhotel.com and The Corner Box Office

Midnight Juggernauts new single ‘Ballad of the War Machine’ is out now.