Majical Cloudz will release their new album Impersonator on Friday 24 May via Matador / Remote Control.

For the past few years, Devon Welsh has been recording solo material composed between rural Ontario and Montreal, and collaborating in production & performance with Matthew Otto under the guise Majical Cloudz.

Impersonator’s expressive power and swagger belie its extremely minimal music. These are intensely lyrical songs about death, patience, family, friendship and desire, with Welsh’s rich vocals atop Matthew Otto Kolaitis’ quiet looped waves of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds.

Majical Cloudz’ Devon Welsh explains of Impersonator:

In the last few years there’s been a massive explosion of amazing music made with computers, samplers and other electronic equipment. The possibilities became nearly endless and musicians indulged those possibilities. I love that kind of music but it also started to overwhelm me. I wasn’t cut out for the maximalist expressions of that style. So I took a break from music, and when I started again it was to make music that barely existed and felt like stillness more than movement. Where the songs could be more about humanness. I love all forms of electronic music, techno, house, rave, hip-hop, but I never want to feel like the music I’m making is just about stylistic play. The easiest way for me to do that is try to make something without obvious movement; where the music isn’t overstuffed sonically or referentially, it’s emptied out as much as possible. So the vision for Impersonator was to communicate a lot with as little as possible. It’s not meant to energize and turn you out to the world, it’s meant to do the opposite; it’s more like a cocoon.

Impersonator track-list:

1. Impersonator

2. This Is Magic

3. Childhood’s End

4. I Do Sing For You

5. Mister

6. Turns Turns Turns

7. Silver Rings

8. Illusion

9. Bugs Don’t Buzz

10. Notebook

Download: Majical Cloudz – ‘Childhood’s End’ HERE

Watch Majical Cloudz perform previously released album track ‘Turns Turns Turns’ live via Yours Truly below.

Majical Cloudz “Turns Turns Turns” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Download ‘Turns Turns Turns’ HERE.


Mystery disc of NOCTURNAL GARAGE. rat tapes / NEW FORMAT 
is avant garde(?) but only in context not form (original intent of avant garde (1912-59) / before logic: FOG MACHINE / LEATHER / NEON

RECORDED VIA MULTIPLE 8TRAX into MCI MIXING DESK by Bradford Cox and Nicolas Vernhes in Brooklyn, Borough of New York JAN-FEB 2013

5th Longplaying Album from American (GA) Rock Group Deerhunter Resistant to HISTORICAL / FUTURIST SNARES (1959 _)

THE MUSIC GROUP: formed 2001, AMENDED JAN. 2013

Bradford Cox: Vocals, Rat Tapes, Fog Machine, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Treatments, Percussions, Melody Bass on Final Track, Microphone Placement, Typesetting.

Lockett James Pundt IV: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals on ‘The Missing’, Synthesizer, Percussions, Laser Focus, Neons.

Moses Archuleta: The Drumset, Videos, Percussions, Decorations.

Frankie Broyles: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Steel Guitar on ‘Pensacola’

Josh Mckay: The Electric Bass, Wurlitzer, Transistor Organ.

Neon Junkyard

Leather Jacket II

The Missing


Dream Captain

Blue Agent

T .H.M.


Back To The Middle



Punk (La Vie Antérieure)


Deerhunter Monomania

May 3


Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut EP Thinking in Textures, Chet Faker has released a three-part Live Sessions EP.

The Live Sessions EP is available for free download HERE.

Recorded over a few sunny days in October 2012 at an ex-Butter Factory in the regional town of Newsread, Victoria, the Live Sessions EP features recordings of ‘Archangel’ (a reinterpretation of UK producer Burial’s track), ‘Love And Feeling’ and ‘No Diggity’.

Chet Faker is about to embark on a sold out Australian tour with Flume this April and May, before playing a headline European tour this May. The London show sold out in less than a day.

Following the release his critically acclaimed debut EP Thinking In Textures in March 2012 via Opulent / Remote Control in Australia, Chess Club Records in the UK and on Downtown Records in the USA, Chet went on to sell out his Sydney and Brisbane Thinking in Textures launches and a remarkable three Melbourne launches in April, before taking off to the UK to perform at The Great Escape Festival. Chet went on to perform at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivid Live Festival, toured Europe with The Temper Trap, and played the Meredith Music Festival and Laneway Festivals.

Chet Faker was nominated for 5 Jagermeister Independent Music Awards, winning for Best Independent Single/EP and Breakthrough Independent Artist. Chet Faker is also nominated for two Rolling Stone Awards for Best New Talent and Best Independent Release. Earlier this year Chet Faker picked up three nominations at The Age EG Awards for Best New Talent, Best Male and Best Song for ‘No Diggity’.

Chet Faker is currently recording his debut album.