Civil Civic will release their debut full-length album Rules on 1 February 2013 via Remote Control.  The release coincides with the duo’s upcoming debut Australian tour and appearance at ATP Melbourne’s ‘I’ll Be your Mirror’ Festival.

Rules is an album that came into the world slowly, the songs delicately pieced together over a two year period.  The title of the record reflects the in-built set of guidelines that Civil Civic was founded upon and operates within.  Guided by the desire to adhere to bare bones drum programming and minimal production trickery, Civil Civic have created a record that hinges on its ability to be performed in a live setting.

A wholly instrumental affair, Rules is a swirling maelstrom of guitar buzz and reverberating atmospheric intensity.  It does not dictate any stories nor does it proclaim wisdom or insight into human affairs.  Being liberated from the burden of messages, Rules can do what it does best, delivering a mix of teeth-grinding intensity, pop triumphalism and party-on abandon.

Civil Civic are Aaron Cupples and Ben Green, two Australian ex-pats, now living in London and Barcelona respectively.   In February 2013, the duo will perform live in their first series of Australian shows since meeting in Barcelona in 2009.

See Civil Civic live at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on Thursday 7 February, at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney on Friday 8 February, at ATP Melbourne’s ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ Festival on Saturday 16 February, and a special show at The Tote in Melbourne on Tuesday 19 February.

Civil Civic – Rules is released on 1 February 2013 on LP, CD and digital formats
via Remote Control Records

Download album track ‘Run Overdrive’ below.




Panthu Du Prince returns with a new album titled Elements of Light, a collaborative project with The Bell Laboratory. The album is out now via Rough Trade / Remote Control.

Over the course of three albums — and as an in-demand remixer of artists ranging from Animal Collective to, most recently, Philip Glass — the Berlin-based musician and producer Pantha Du Prince (Hendrik Weber) has been celebrated for pushing the envelope of electronic music. His newest effort, Elements of Light, a collaborative project with The Bell Laboratory, is doubtless his most ambitious to date: The work is a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells.

Elements of Light is a natural next step in the Pantha Du Prince oeuvre. Bells figured prominently on his last album, the highly acclaimed Black Noise, released on Rough Trade in 2010.

The genesis of the project began in Oslo in the summer of 2010, when Weber was having lunch with the local curators Mattis With and Håkon Vinnogg and heard, in the distance, one of the concerts that are played multiple times daily on a bell carillon inside the city hall. Weber was struck by how the frequencies and overtones unfolded unpredictably, influenced one another, and resonated, more or less, throughout the Norwegian capital.

With and Vinnogg suggested he compose for the carillon, which was developed in China 3,500 years ago, during the Shang Dynasty, and made its way to Europe during the Middle Age. Weber began collaborating with the Norwegian Lars Petter Hagen, who served as arranger and conductor.

The album is a single continuous work, although it has been broken down into five tracks named for elements of light: ‘Wave’, ‘Particle’, ’Photon’, ‘Spectral Split’ and ‘Quantum’. Sonically, the work is a fusion of electronic music and classical composition, and draws on house and minimalism, jazz and new music, gamelan and western sacred music. Influences include John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Steve Reich, LaMonte Young and Moondog.


UK indie trio The xx have quickly become one of the most in demand acts on the planet, and they’re bringing their incredibly atmospheric and captivating live show back Down Under this April. General tickets will go on sale Tuesday 15 January, 12.00pm midday AEDT.

First hitting Australian shores as part of the Laneway Festival back in 2010, the precociously talented trio – Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim – pre-empted the release of their latest album

Coexist in July 2012 by playing two triumphant Australian shows which sold out in minutes. Not to be outdone, Smith – who under his alter-ego Jamie xx is rapidly building a global reputation as a formidable producer and remixer – also sold out two solo shows in the same cities in next to no time.

To coincide with the tour announcement, The xx’s new single ‘Sunset’ is at radio now.

Watch The xx perform ‘Sunset’ live below.

Listen to Jamie xx edit of ‘Sunset’ below.

The band’s second album, Coexist, was one of the most eagerly-awaited releases of 2012, and the wait proved to be more than worth it when the record finally dropped in September. Coexist impressively debuted at number two on the ARIA charts, with similar chart-topping results around the globe. It was roundly lauded by both critics and fans alike as being a more than worthy successor to their acclaimed 2009 self-titled debut, which among a slew of similar awards and accolades garnered them the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2010, and has achieved Gold sales here in Australia.

But now, with their new album under their arms and their stocks at an all-time high, The xx are returning to Australia to bring their minimalist, melancholic and emotive music to the masses once more! Don’t expect demand to be any less intense this April when The xx return to unveil the gorgeous arrangements and aural delights of Coexist in the live setting, alongside the early favourites which made them so revered to so many so damn quickly.

The xx – April 2013 tour

Supported by triple j, Channel [v], FasterLouder, frankie magazine, Spotify and X-Press

Tuesday 2 April – Metro City, Perth

Thursday 4 April – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Sunday 7 April - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Tuesday 9 April – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

General tickets available from 12:00pm AEDT Tuesday 15 January

Ticket info from

The xx Coexist is out now via Young Turks / Remote Control.
Coexist - The xx


We are pleased to announce the release of the self-titled debut album from Chelsea Light Moving on March 1 via Matador/Remote Control.

Chelsea Light Moving is the current group led by Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore.
He is the songwriter and plays over-amped hyper electric guitar and sings with raw-glam-destructo vocals. The band is a four piece featuring Samara Lubelski, who has played violin with Thurston Moore on his last two solo LPs (Demolished Thoughts and Trees Outside The Academy) and with Chelsea Light Moving plays deep psyche pop metal bass guitar.

Keith Wood, who records under the aegis Hush Arbors, plays electric guitar with a pick forged from angel wing and John Moloney, aka “Pegasus”, approaches the drums like an asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

The first CD self-titled was recorded in two spurious sessions with engineer Justin Pizzoferrato in Sone Lab, a killer studio in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

The band is ready to detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullaboo in any country, planet or stratosphere that doesn’t support right wing extremist NRA sucking bozo-ology.

DOWNLOAD the mp3 ‘Empire of Time’ here.


‘Coalition’ is the first single off Iceage’s forthcoming album You’re Nothing, out 15 February 2013 via Matador/Remote Control.

“Coalition showcases them at peak velocity: showy drum fills, windmilling guitar chords” Best New Track – Pitchfork
“Black eyes, racing hearts, can’t lose…Mark your calendar/set an iPhone reminder/do whatever it is you have to do to remember that You’re Nothing drops… listen to Coalition” VICE

You’re Nothing, was recorded & produced by Iceage in Copenhagen and Møn, Denmark.

Just out of their teens, it seems Copenhagen’s Iceage have only added to the anxiety and tension that made their debut album, New Brigade, so compelling. But now, with two years of touring behind them, they’re challenging their raging emotions instead of simply expressing them.

When watching Iceage live you get the feeling the songs could be just about to fall apart before they miraculously recover, always rewarding you with a climax. It’s this menacing energy found in their shows that’s more forceful on You’re Nothing. The guitars flay violently and the vocals sound furious at times, but they’re also far more melodic and dynamic than on their debut.

You’re Nothing pushes Iceage’s singular sound to further extremes. Twelve examples of the myriad ways Iceage have written, and re-written the short aggressive rock song.