“This batch of songs are all new and were written over the last couple of years with the exception of ‘Summertime Is Coming’, which also dates back to that Julian Plenti period. That’s why I put it on the Julian Plenti Lives… EP. Basically, when I was on the road with Interpol for the last two years I took my laptop and any free time or downtime I had was spent working on music. That’s fun for me, and I guess what I was trying to say is that I’ve always written music. It’s just that nobody ever got to hear any of it until I finally came to put out that first record, and now it’s like a retrospective of all the music I’ve been writing from the previous ten years. So basically, from that record it was like a nirvana, that was the gates opening, and now I’ll always make records. It was just a matter of doing that first one.”

Paul Banks Banks is out October 19 via Matador/Remote Control.

[info via Drown in Sound]