Perfume Genius has filmed a stunning La Blogtheque Take Away Show session. Read and watch below:

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When an artist is sincere in all that you know this artist, it is the conviction with which he expresses his deepest intimacy in his songs, the meeting can be intimidating.

But from the first second, Mike Hadreas is charming. He has just completed a week of concerts and promo. It is dawn, the neighborhood is still asleep, but he and his band are energetic, willing to share their songs so intense.

We start in the main hall of the restaurant in Manhattan. A grand piano awaits us under a skylight, which illuminates a vegetation which none of us will say if she is alive or not. Mile’s voice fills the hall deserted, with a song perfectly suited to the intimacy of the moment. We move to the bar, sanitized, without light. Another blank canvas that Mike fills one with slow notes, island.

Put Your Back N 2 It is out now via 4AD/Remote Control.

Put Your Back N 2 It (Bonus Track Version) - Perfume Genius