Houndmouth’s debut, self-titled EP will be released August 24 via Rough Trade/Remote Control.

Houndmouth are young four-piece Matt Myers (guitar/vocals), Katie Toupin (keyboard/vocals), Zak Appleby (bass/vocals) and Shane Cody (drums/vocals) from Louisville, Kentucky.  The EP was recorded in their self-built studio in Kentucky.

‘Houndmouth’ tracklisting:

1. Penitentiary
2. Houston Train
3. Krampus
4. The Big Oil Spill

Watch the band performing ‘Krampus’ below


Houndmouth – Krampus from Aaron Mikel on Vimeo.

On why they chose the name Houndmouth, Myers states:

“We record at nighttime to get rid of all the noise during the day like sirens and car honks, but there are always these two dogs that the neighbors have that bark all night. We recorded a bunch of tracks and finally get one that we liked, but when we played it back Shane said, “It’s not gonna work, there’s too much houndmouth on this!” He was clearly drunk because no one would say “houndmouth.” Ever. Still, the rest of the group (sobriety aside) decided that they liked the unique charm of the name.”

Click here to download the track ‘Penitentiary’.