Teeth & Tongue return with new single ‘The Party Is You’. Hear and download the track below:

Teeth & Tongue is the music project of New Zealand born, Melbourne based musician Jess Cornelius. With a combination of hypnotic 505 drum-machine beats and slow, bent-out-of-shape guitar lines, her songs weave themselves throughout heartbreak and simmering discontent.

After a successful SXSW 2012 in March, Teeth & Tongue is heading back to the USA for CMJ 2012, to coincide with the release of ‘The Party Is You’.

Her SXSW jaunt saw her play the Flavorpill showcase alongside Niki & the Dove, Zambri and Pictureplane, and shows in Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, San Francisco and Toronto, before unleashing on New York City –– playing shows at Glasslands, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall and The Bellhouse. She also stopped by EVR to perform live on Andy Rourke’s show, and caught the eyes and ears of VH1, Nylon and MTV. Last year Jess Cornelius released her second album Tambourine though Dot Dash / Remote Control. The Age gave it four stars, The Vine called it “one of the best Australian releases this year”, and the first single ‘Unfamiliar Skirts’ earned an EG Awards nomination for song of the year.

Holed up in the studio for the past few months, Teeth & Tongue has been working on her third album, showing her growing fascination with layered vocal samples, shifting electronic percussion and expansive guitar-scapes. Single ‘The Party Is You’ is no exception, a shimmering gem of synths, drums, and Jess’ super-seductive vocals.