“Here is a short teaser for a long-form film I’m making for Cat Power. The
film stars Jade and Hazel Altheide, two female teenage BMX riders who live
just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. As you will see they both totally
rip. This production has a pretty funny story actually. On a Thursday
morning in September I got a call from Gaby Basora, who designs a really
cool fashion line from New York called Tucker. I had never met Gaby or
her team before. They proceeded to tell me about these two girls they had
heard about in New Mexico who ride BMX bikes and how they were great and
really stylish and would I be interested in going to make a movie about
them. There was a catch though. We needed to start shooting the next day!
None of us had ever met Jade and Hazel or their family, and really had no
idea what the landscape in New Mexico would be like, but heck, I’m always
down for an adventure. I agreed to do it and the next morning we were on a
plane with cameras and gear to go shoot this movie. I had no idea what it
was gonna be.

When we arrived, we met the Altheide family, quickly got our gear together
and hit the trails. All I can say is wow! The girls were absolutely
beautiful and the surrounding landscape (as you can see) was beyond
magnificent. Coincidentally, as we were making this, Cat Power had
Just dropped her new record SUN. I was listening to it on the rental car
Radio as we cruised through the mountains of New Mexico and it just really
fit the vibe of what we were making. If you’ve ever been to NM, you know
How much sun they have…TONS! The song featured in this video is called
“Nothin’ But Time” and I think it just fits perfectly. The way Chan screams
“I wanna live!” just fits the freedom of jumping bikes and bombing down
hills so perfectly. It was a match made in heaven. The upcoming long-form
film will include the entire eleven minute version of “Nothin’ But Time”.
We’re making it now. So excited to get this out. Stay tuned.”

Aaron Rose

Sun (Bonus Track Version) - Cat PowerCat Power Sun is out now via Matador/Remote Control


Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory Elements of Light to be released January 11 via Rough Trade/Remote Control.

Work Composed by Pantha Du Prince Features a Three-Tonne, 50-Bell Carillon, Percussion and Electronics.

Over the course of three albums—and as an in-demand remixer of artists ranging from Animal Collective to, most recently, Philip Glass—the Berlin-based musician and producer Pantha Du Prince (Hendrik Weber) has been celebrated for pushing the envelope of electronic music. His newest effort, Elements of Light, a collaborative project with The Bell Laboratory, is doubtless his most ambitious to date: The work is a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells.

The genesis of the project began in Oslo in the summer of 2010, when Weber was having lunch with the local curators Mattis With and Håkon Vinnogg and heard, in the distance, one of the concerts that are played multiple times daily on a bell carillon inside the city hall. Weber was struck by how the frequencies and overtones unfolded unpredictably, influenced one another, and resonated, more or less, throughout the Norwegian capital.

With and Vinnogg suggested he compose for the carillon, which was developed in China 3,500 years ago, during the Shang Dynasty, and made its way to Europe during the Middle Age. Weber began collaborating with the Norwegian Lars Petter Hagen, who served as arranger and conductor. For the recording, a bell carillon was shipped from Denmark to Germany, where Vegar Sandholt, the same carillonist that Weber had heard during his stay in Oslo, played it.

A separate session, in Oslo, brought together a variety of percussionists, including Weber; Martin Horntveth, of Jaga Jazzist, Killl and The National Bank; Erland Dahlen, of Nils Petter Molvaer Trio, Susanne Sundfør, Madrugada, Xploding Plastix, and Kaada; the researcher and performer Håkon Stene, who teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music; and Heming Valebjørg, of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. They contributed numerous tubular bells, marimba, xylophone, cymbals, chimes, handclaps, finger snaps and other percussion.

The album is a single continuous work, although it has been broken down into five tracks named for elements of light: “Wave,” “Particle,” Photon,” “Spectral Split” and “Quantum.” Sonically, the work is a fusion of electronic music and classical composition, and draws on house and minimalism, jazz and new music, gamelan and western sacred music. Influences include John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Steve Reich, LaMonte Young and Moondog.
Elements of Light is a natural next step in the Pantha Du Prince oeuvre. Bells figured prominently on his last album, the highly acclaimed Black Noise, which Rough Trade released in 2010. In a Best New Music review of Black Noise, Pitchfork said, “each track is its own micro sound world with enough rich detail to draw you back for deeper investigation.”
Elements of Light live performances are being planned for late 2013.


Photo via AIR

Congratulations to Chet Faker for picking up 2 awards last night at the Jagermeister Independent Music Awards for Best Independent Single/EP and Breakthrough Independent Artist. The only multiple winner on the night!

Chet Faker Thinking in Textures is out now via Opulent/Remote Control.
Thinking In Textures - Chet Faker


January 25th will see Indians release their debut album, Somewhere Else, via 4AD/Remote Control.

Coming to the attention of the label after a clutch of demo tracks went online early this year, Indians are still a relatively new proposition. From Copenhagen, Indians is actually one man, Søren Løkke Juul, who brought his band in to being last winter when he felt the need to challenge himself and do something different. Not aiming for anything other than satisfying a creative urge, things have snowballed quickly since. Having performed his first show back in February and self-releasing his debut single a few months later, he then signed a worldwide record deal with 4AD, recorded an album and enjoyed a fruitful summer on the road with tours throughout Europe and North America (playing shows with the likes of Beirut, Bear In Heaven, Dan Deacon, Lower Dens, Perfume Genius, Retribution Gospel Choir, Savages, Weird Dreams and more).
Recorded in a countryside studio outside Copenhagen, Somewhere Else is a highly personal document that’s equal parts melancholic lament and hopeful stargazing, with the album title itself an indication of the sense of otherness that runs throughout Søren’s music. Heavily evocative of the natural world, the album’s cavernous tones and Autumnal warmth just as much recall the vastness of the Scandinavia landscape that formed the backdrop of its conception as it does classic long players from likeminded avant-pop purveyors Flaming Lips and The Radio Dept.

Marking their signing to the label with the recording of a special 4AD Session on Osea Island (a little-known, privately owned island in the estuary of the Blackwater in Essex), three tracks were aired early last month to much intrigue. The session showed Indians fleshed out as a three piece, with the intention to capture the sense of air and atmosphere in the music as well as embracing the challenge of playing, recording and filming outside, placing the music into a vast open space, under sky and near water.

Somewhere Else - IndiansIndians Somewhere Else is out now via 4AD/Remote Control


“This batch of songs are all new and were written over the last couple of years with the exception of ‘Summertime Is Coming’, which also dates back to that Julian Plenti period. That’s why I put it on the Julian Plenti Lives… EP. Basically, when I was on the road with Interpol for the last two years I took my laptop and any free time or downtime I had was spent working on music. That’s fun for me, and I guess what I was trying to say is that I’ve always written music. It’s just that nobody ever got to hear any of it until I finally came to put out that first record, and now it’s like a retrospective of all the music I’ve been writing from the previous ten years. So basically, from that record it was like a nirvana, that was the gates opening, and now I’ll always make records. It was just a matter of doing that first one.”

Paul Banks Banks is out October 19 via Matador/Remote Control.

[info via Drown in Sound]