On Friday 19 October 2012, Matador and Remote Control will release Banks, the second solo album from Interpol vocalist/guitarist Paul Banks.

With Banks (LP/CD/digital), Paul ditches the Julian Plenti alter-ego, and the resulting ten song album is a tour-de-force of exhilarating minor-key intensity.

Banks was recorded in New York and Connecticut with producer Peter Katis (Interpol, The National, Shearwater, Jónsi). The album is personal and epic, catchy and serpentine – much like your favourite Interpol albums – with Paul’s wry humour, bare emotion, and varied influences all in full effect.

Banks’ first solo album found him assuming the alter ego of Julian Plenti, but now he’s jettisoned this for his semi-eponymous album, Banks, credited to Paul Banks. And where 2009’s Julian Plenti Is…Skyscraper was culled largely from songs pre-dating Interpol (as far back as the mid ’90s), Banks – with all new material written in the past few years (with the exception of ‘Summertime Is Coming’) – is a vivid documentation of Banks in the here and now, and his most abjectly personal work to date. “Yeah, I suppose I wanted to simplify things this time around,” he explains. “Julian Plenti was something that I had to do, but once it was done, I didn’t need to hold on to it. I didn’t want the burden of shtick for these songs. If anything, I’m trying to draw attention away from the notion of a persona this time. I’m just making music and hoping to let it speak for itself.”

Banks track-listing:

1. The Base
2. Over My Shoulder
3. Arise, Awake
4. Young Again
5. Lisbon
6. I’ll Sue You
7. Paid For That
8. Another Chance
9. No Mistakes
10. Summertime Is Coming

Paul Banks Banks is out 19 October 2012 via Matador / Remote Control


Collarbones will launch their sophomore album Die Young in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide over September and October.

Catch the electronic duo at Liberty Social in Melbourne on Friday 28 September, Brisbane Fest in Brisbane on Saturday 29 September, and at Rocket Bar in Adelaide on Friday 5 October. A Sydney album launch will also be announced shortly.

Premiered today by, ‘Hypothermia’ is the latest single from Collarbones. Get a free download of the track below:

Set for release on Friday 28 September 2012 via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control, Die Young was written over the course of a year, during the promotion of the duo’s 2011 debut album Iconography. Inspired by recollections of teen crushes – the naive, vulnerable yearning at the heart of adolescent experience – the songs emerged as a tribute to the modern mythology of youthful desire. Framed by a soundtrack of jilted R&B instrumentals, Die Young joins with whole generations mourning for their fallen idols.

Die Young album launch tour

Friday 28 September – Liberty Social, Melbourne
Saturday 29 September – Brisbane Fest, Brisbane
Friday 5 October – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Friday 12 October – TBA, Sydney

Watch the trailer for Collarbones’ Die Young companion film HERE:

Collarbones Die Young is out Friday 28 September 2012 via Two Bright Lakes / Remote Control


New York group Woods return with new album Bend Beyond, set for release on Friday 14 September via Woodsist / Remote Control.

For their seventh album, Bend Beyond, Woods got dark. It’s not that they weren’t dark before—when you really get in there and listen, Jeremy Earl is singing about some heavy stuff, but it’s hidden under his gorgeous falsetto and sometimes obtuse lyrics. On Bend Beyond, though, Earl and company fully embrace that darkness.

Album opener ‘Bend Beyond’ has long been a jammy live staple, but here it’s compact and tight with a stuttered guitar line and a world-ending collision of instruments. Meanwhile ‘Is It Honest’ jangles along happily until you notice Earl is in a more destructive zone than the bright music initially suggests, singing ‘It’s so fucking hard to see’ as both a form of comfort and an act of despair.

Instrumentally, Bend Beyond is certainly the most full Woods record yet; guitars weave and bubble across peppy drumming, but lyrically Earl is at his most direct and spare. While previous albums sounded like they went directly from Earl’s brain to tape with minimal outside interference, Bend Beyond is lush and full-bodied, the work of a band in perfect, heavy harmony. Listening to the record as a whole, it feels like the most daring leap Woods has made yet: It captures the band’s live intensity, but keeps the intimate sadness that made them so great in the first place.

Woods – Bend Beyond Track-listing:
1. Bend Beyond
2. Cali in a Cup
3. Is It Honest?
4. It Ain’t Easy
5. Cascade
6. Back to the Stone
7. Find Them Empty
8. Wind Was the Wine
9. Lily
10. Size Meets the Sound
11. Impossible Sky
12. Something Surreal

Stream the first single ‘Cali in a Cup’ below.

Woods – Beyond Bend is out Friday 14 September 2012 via Woodsist / Remote Control


The Seer took 30 years to make. It’s the culmination of every previous Swans album as well as any other music I’ve ever made, been involved in, or imagined. But it’s unfinished, like the songs themselves. It’s one frame in a reel. The frames blur, blend and will eventually fade.

The songs began on an acoustic guitar, then were fleshed out with (invaluable) help from my friends, then were further tortured and seduced in rehearsals, live, and in the studio, and now they await further cannibalism and force-feeding as we prepare to perform some of them live, at which point they’ll mutate further, endlessly, or perhaps be discarded for a while.

Despite what you might have heard or presumed, my quest is to spread light and joy through the world. My friends in Swans are all stellar men. Without them I’m a kitten, an infant.  Our goal is the same: ecstasy! —Michael Gira

Swans The Seer is out 28 August via Young God Records/Remote Control.


Daughter, the London-based trio of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella, will release new material later in the year, their first since joining 4AD. A brand new song, ‘Smother’, will be released on 7″ vinyl on 28 September. It will come backed with a new version of live favourite ‘Run’.

Listen to ‘Smother’ below.

Only their third release in their short career, the single follows in the footsteps of EPs His Young Heart and The Wild Youth. Elena, Igor and Remi are currently writing and recording their debut album; ‘Smother’ and ‘Run’ offers a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come from the young trio.