The lovely Jess Cornelius from Teeth+Tongue talks about the music currently on her mind.

Teeth & Tongue will play at the Melbourne Music Week closing party this Saturday 26 November, Melbourne Central Rooftop. Presented by Two Bright Lakes & Mess+Noise, also playing is Nick Huggins and Oscar+Martin + many more.

Superette – ‘Waves’

We’re covering this song for a Flying Nun birthday celebration gig and it’s reminding me how much I love this band. They were played a lot on student radio in Wellington, and this came out in 1997. They’ve been broken up for ages, though. This track is about a guy who accidentally kills a girl in the middle of a field, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

The Weeknd – ‘The Morning’


This doesn’t really need any explanation. I’m hooked, just like everyone else. I didn’t realise Marc had the record until a recent drive up to Sydney, where we had it on repeat. It’s good driving music. Marc loves slinky R ‘n’ B a lot more than anyone would guess.

Laura Jean – ‘Australia’

Simon Grounds recorded this track and he was telling me about it before I heard it. He described it as the ‘anti national anthem’. It sends shivers down my spine when I see it played live.

We could not find this track online, but you can listen to more of Laura’s beautiful music here.

Ballads – ‘Your Mistake’

Listen here.

This is a new Melbourne band that have only put out a 7″ so far. But this track has had got a lovely lilting, meandering rhythm and a sweet wurlitzer vibe, but then this big droney organ thing comes in and makes it all a bit tough.

Alexandra Stan – ‘Mr Saxobeat’

This one’s on Marc’s behalf. He came to rehearsal one day raving about this really catchy pop song he heard in a supermarket. He even sang it to me to see if I’d recognise it. I think he really likes the way the singer says the word ‘freak’, kind of rolling her ‘rr’s in a very Russian sort of way. I went home and looked up the song on You Tube but I have to say, I ‘m not sure I share his enthusiasm. I like the way Marc sings it though.


Teeth & Tongue – Tambourine
is out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control
Tambourine - Teeth and Tongue