Wes Holland from Sand Pebbles shares the tunes currently on his playlist.

Sand Pebbles head off on their national tour this weekend to launch new album Dark Magic.

Check out all the tour dates here.

Death In Vegas – ‘Medication’

The best song released in 2011 so far. Who knew Richard Fearless had such an amazing singing voice?

Death In Vegas – ‘Your Loft My Acid’


Another fantastic tune from the latest Death In Vegas album. 60 seconds in you think you have it pegged, and then it changes into something completely different.

Roky Erickson – ‘Unforced Peace’

This is one of Roky’s finest solo moments… the only known recording sounds like it was recorded in a shoe box, but it’s still an incredible song. We’re just about to go into the studio to record a cover of this to celebrate his first ever Australian tour next year.

Woods – ‘Out Of The Eye’

The first time I heard this was on Stephen Walker’s radio show a few months back. He opened the Skull Cave with it and I thought it was a rare Can song I’d missed along the way.  What a tune!

The Small Faces – ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’

I just listened to an old BBC Radio documentary on this album. Kenney Jones talks about playing this massive 26 inch ride cymbal… It’s the best drum sound I’ve ever heard on a song.