After living the best part of two years in Berlin, Ned Collette returns to Melbourne for the first time this October to release a 7″ inch and play a one off show with Wirewalker.

Long You Lie / The Hedonist is the new offering from Ned Collette & Joe Talia, Collette’s inveterate musical collaborator and co-producer. Their first output on vinyl, it will be released as a limited edition 7″ through boutique Melbourne vinyl imprint Escobar Records on 29 October 2011.

The release will be made available via mail order from with pre-orders taken from 10 October 2011, and in selected stores. Each high quality vinyl features colour artwork on 300gsm stock, and comes with a download code for access to full quality digital versions of the tracks.

The release will also be available on Saturday 29 October at The Toff In Town in Melbourne, where Ned Collette & Wirewalker (Collette, Talia, Ben Bourke on bass, James Rushford on keyboards) will play a one off show.

They will perform the songs from the vinyl release as well as an album’s worth of new material which has already been recorded in Berlin, and which Collette and Talia are finishing work on in Melbourne. Quite a departure from earlier work, the new material sees a marriage of Spanish guitar based song-writing with drums both real and electronic, synths, and Talia’s more experimental work.

Special guests at the Toff show will be Sailor Days, the vocal/viola based project of sometime Collette collaborator Biddy Connor, featuring Laura Jean and Jen Sholakis.

7″ launch
Saturday 29 October
The Toff in Town, Melbourne
With special guests Sailor Days

Ned Collette & Joe Talia – Long You Lie / The Hedonist 7″ is out 29 October 2011 via Escobar Records


Tune-Yards will bring her distinctive sound to Australia for the first time next year, showcasing her sophomore album w h o k i l l at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on Sunday 15 January and Turbine Platform in Brisbane in on Sunday 22 January.

Tune- Yards has already been announced to play at the Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne on Saturday 14 January.

Australian Tour January 2012

Saturday 14 January
Sugar Mountain Festival
The Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Sunday 15 January
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Presented by Penny Drop and Triple R
Tickets on sale Monday 3 October from the Corner Box Office 03 9427 9198 or

Sunday 22 January
Turbine Platform at the Powerhouse, Brisbane
Presented by Penny Drop and Rave
Tickets on sale Monday 3 October from Brisbane Powerhouse Box Office 07 3358 8600 or

W H O K I L L is out now through 4AD/Remote Control
Whokill - Tune-Yards


On the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind, Remote Control’s Steve Cross remembers interviewing the band on their Australian tour.

Nirvana were touring Australia. When was that? They were without a doubt the biggest band in the world and everyone was reeling and slightly elated that such an out of left field band could knock the whole music scene sideways.

I was doing the Friday drive show at PBS in Melbourne and at the time Bill Walsh of The Cosmic Psychos was working at the station. His band had recorded with Butch Vig just after he’d produced Nevermind (and before it was released). He had the inside track to Nirvana and set up a live to air, face to face interview for me. I’d done a run of pretty cool interviews around that time including Sonic Youth and Nick Cave, so a part of me thought it was just a part of the Friday afternoon set up for the show but I’d admit I was pretty excited and kinda nervous.

About an hour in to the show I was advised that the band had arrived and wandered out in to the foyer. Dave and Krist were talking to Bill in the office area and Kurt was playing pinball when I introduced myself to him. I was kinda surprised by how boyish he appeared – quite slight, almost like he had the physique of a 13 year old boy. All three band members came through to the studio. Dave and Krist sat down at the microphones and it was at this point that Kurt announced that he wasn’t going to actually take part in the interview and that he’d leave it to the other guys. He then stood directly behind me, out of my line of sight. The record I was playing came to a conclusion; I faded it down and turned the mikes on.

What followed is really fuzzy in my mind. Dave and Krist were amusing and charming, if a little jaded by too much travelling and too many interviews.

However the interview was massively derailed when Kurt suddenly started answering questions and joining in the conversation. No bad thing, except he was still standing right behind me and was way off mike and I started freaking out that listeners might not be able to hear what he was saying. He rapidly became the most vocal person in the room, but I wasn’t sure he was going to air and he had no intention of getting closer to the mike. My radio skills are semi-professional at the best of times and any control I might have had over the situation quickly evaporated.

I know we talked about their reaction to suddenly being the biggest band in the world and what they planned to do next. I asked them about the Seattle scene and what other bands we should be checking out. They seemed much happier to talk about other bands rather than themselves. At some point they started going through my records and were asking me to play certain tracks, which meant I was desperately trying to cue up song live on air as they thrust records in my hands. I recall one track they insisted I play was a song I had already played on the show before they arrived, but they really wanted to hear it so I gave it a second spin.

At some point Kurt came across a record in my pile by The Leaving Trains and asked me if I liked it. I said I liked the song Rock & Roll Murder, cos it was a really sloppy, low slung piece of rock n roll goo. He said they sucked and went in to a rant against them. He was probably right. But I later discovered that Courtney Love had previously had been married to Falling James, the band’s main guy, which might have coloured his opinion and explained his disdain.

I have no idea how long this chaos went on for. I know we played a few songs by other people and Kurt continued to speak off mike for the entire thing. At some point I found a moment to give him a book I’d found in an op shop. It was a hardback pulp novel from the 50s with a remarkably beautiful painted illustration on the front cover of a blonde femme fatale. It was called Death May Be Your Nirvana.

The interview came to an appropriately shambolic end. The band departed and I returned to the studio to discover I had been so wrong-footed by the entire experience I hadn’t recorded it. For the next few years I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t have a record of it gathering dust on a shelf, but at the same time thought it was a relief that it had just been a moment in time, one that was there and then gone. However about 10 years later somebody mailed me a cassette of the whole thing that they had recorded off the radio as it happened. It took me a while to summon up the courage to listen to it, especially given the sad passage of events that had followed. I finally gave in after a few weeks and put it in the player. In truth it wasn’t as terrible as I’d recalled. Chaotic, yes. Lo-fi, for sure. But it was also full of life, funny and endearingly unpolished, which made up for some of its other failings.

I’ve never listened to it again. But I regularly wonder what happened to the book.


Australia’s newest music and arts festival, SUGAR MOUNTAIN will return to Melbourne on Saturday 14 January 2012! The festival  will be held over multiple days, with the main event taking place at  The Forum Theatre.

Sugar Mountain will also utilise Federation Square, No Vacancy Gallery and ACMI to showcase a marvellous array of local and international creative talent. Sugar Mountain celebrates creativity across multiple platforms.

The organisers are committed to creating an environment that is convivial and interactive, presenting engaging performances in intriguing spaces.

Here is the first line-up announcement!

Sugar Mountain Festival
Presented by Triple R and
Saturday 14 January 2012
The Forum Theatre, Melbourne

With more music and visual arts to be announced!
Tickets on sale at 9.00am Wednesday 28 September via Ticketmaster or 136 100. Limited early bird tickets available for $75 + bf. Full release tickets are $85 + bf.


Today, 4AD released a one-off, iTunes-exclusive single for the Ariel Pink track ‘Witch Hunt Suite for World III’. It’s a sprawling, multi-part, 16-minute-plus epic that Pink began writing and recording ten years ago today, while the events of September 11, 2001 began to unfold.

The track wouldn’t reach any sort of audience until 2007, when Pink released it in two parts on a tour-only CD-R release titled Yas Dudette. To coincide with the single release, Ariel Pink has shared a new video for the track, directed by Animal Charm.

[info via Pitchfork]

Witchhunt Suite - EP, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Witchhunt Suite EP
Witchhunt Suite for WWIII - EP - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti